Evening lecture demonstration
Thursday 27 July 2023, with Anusha Subramanyam
Join us for social time with light refreshments. It Includes a lively presentation from People Dancing Associate Artist, Anusha Subranyam of Beeja Dance Company,  who will share the practice development journey she took through her smash hit combination of performance and workshop for 1-4 year olds, Choogh Choogh.

Anusha Subramanyam is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and dance movement therapist who is seen as one of the most exciting exponents of bharatanatyam working ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of its tradition. Her work is inclusive, trans-cultural and inter-generational.

Over the years Beeja has performed in mainstream and non-conventional venues like museums, hospitals, schools, village halls and other public spaces. It aims to make bharatanatyam accessible to a wider audience encouraging interaction with the artists and the dance form. It offers a range of options — performances, workshops, residencies and regular dance classes and in collaboration with some of its partners, workshops and residencies in ‘Bollywood’, Indian folk, creative movement and other Indian classical styles.