Morning class
Wednesday 24 July 2024 (9:00 - 9:30am), with Michael Joseph
Back by popular demand – MJ’s Morning Disco warm-up!

From Disco to Funk, Funk to Jazz Funk, Jazz Funk to Hip Hop, follow MJ's dance history through music and dance, shake your groove thang and get down with your bad self. All levels welcome to move and groove with MJ - glitter balls optional!


Michael trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (formerly Rambert Academy) between 1982 -1985. He undertook further training in Martial Arts such as Capoeira, Aikido and Judo and various Hip Hop styles and now teaches a variety of dance styles including Breaking, Locking, Popping, Contemporary and Capoeira.

Michael worked nationally and internationally with Union Dance Company for 23 years as performer and choreographer, ending his career there as Assistant Director. Whilst there, he also choreographed a section of their work’ Dance Tek Warriors’ which is on the GCSE Dance syllabus. In recent years, he has branched into work for the camera and is now video editor of Union Dance archives and videographer/movement tutor on Dance with Digital Online 2021.

As a Level 2 Wheelchair Dance Sport Instructor in 2016, Michael makes choreography for disabled people and Tutorial Videos for Para Dance UK. In 2017, he was appointed Street Dance Company Leader for Step into Dance at the Royal Academy of Dance, and from 2010 has been a visiting lecturer for the University of Bedfordshire. His most recent performance work is for State of Emergency Dance Company in the Black heritage works Coleridge Unbound and Cane Warriors.